By Madam Nasrat Agha - Principal and Co-Founder 1966-2009

The school began with the intention of making a place for itself among those institutions where the main focus was achieving excellent academic results and instilling a strong sense of values in the children. We were aiming high and knew it could be done with initiative and hard work. What we lacked in experience we made up for in our commitment.

We have come a long way since the early days but never lost sight of our original aim. It is an ongoing journey but we are on the right track. Today, Springfield School shines brightly in the comity of schools and it seems it has its own special halo. We truly feel there is only one Springfield and that every Springfielder a very special child. The grand reputation that the school enjoys today fills us with pride and satisfaction.

I am grateful to the Almighty that our constant endeavours for the school have been blessed with such success.

I know that I could never have done it alone. The major part of the credit goes to my late husband, Mirza Nadir Agha, who was the driving force and the moving spirit behind the school.
His indefatigable efforts made it all possible, our high academic standard, the discipline, the camaraderie and dedication of the staff members, the loyalty and devotion of the non-teaching staff, and the beautiful school building itself.

I myself live, sleep, dream Springfield. May it always be so. May whosoever is at the helm always think in this manner, of the school first and always, so that the school may carry on in the same way and continue to be the one and only school of its kind. Amen.






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